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Travel Specialists Craig Corey Vacations Celebrates
25 Years of Service

LANSING, MI, 10/05/16-Craig Corey Vacations, a Michigan-based travel agency specializing in luxury
vacation planning, this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. The agency has weathered myriad industry
changes and economic downturns to become a small-business success story.

Craig Corey Vacations opened for business on November 1, 1991, inside a renovated loft space in the
then historic warehouse district of Lansing, Michigan, known today as the Stadium District.

"Everyone told me I was Crazy, and the bank wouldn't lend me the money," recalls agency owner and
namesake Craig Corey when reflecting on the site selected for the first office. "From the get-go, we
knew we had to do things differently, and we even bucked the trend of most travel agencies. I had flown
to New York City and bought the edgiest office furniture and displays I could afford, and shipped them
back to Lansing, " he recounts.

The company's annual travel sales volume for the first year surpassed $1 million, far exceeding
projections, and provided a solid foundation for growth. By 1995, and with a staff of four, Craig Corey
Vacations had become one of the travel industry's renowned specialty travel agencies with a heavy
emphasis on "luxury vacations," ultimately receiving that year the award for "Best Travel Agency Office
Design in the Nation" by New York-based Travel Weekly Magazine.

The aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks-15 years ago last month-was directly and immediately felt
throughout the travel industry, most especially for airlines and travel agents who were on the front lines.
Declining travel and economic challenges forced many agencies to close, or else adapt to changing
marketing conditions. Craig Corey Vacations chose the latter.

We were scrambling to restore relative calm following the mass cancellations that occured," said
Corey. "And the overwhelming majority of Americans were skittish about boarding a plane anytime
soon. But we perservered by identifying ways to streamline and evolve the business, while remaining
focused on our core service offerings, and most importantly, remaining relevant to our customers."

Whenever questioned about the relevance of travel agents in the age of the Internet, Corey says,
"It's all about the service and knowledge required to create a highly personalized vacation experience. If
you view travel as a commodity, then booking through an impersonal website or app may make sense.
But for most, vacation travel is about the experience, which includes lodging, ground transportation,
tours, dining, and so much more that requires a knowledgeable travel expert to guide planning and
make personal recommendations. Personalized service and specialized knowledge is what keeps our
clients coming back time and time again.

Craig Corey Vacations opened its current storefront on Washington Square in downtown Lansing in
2011, after having closed its original brick-and-mortar office and downsized staff years earlier. The
current office serves as a home base, allowing the agency to service customers throughout Michigan, the
Midwest, and elsewhere.

"With current technology and our professional know-how and destination knowledge, today we garner a
strong presence in markets that go beyond our own backyard. We have significant customer bases in
metro Detroit, New York City, Chicago, and Grand Rapids, for example, that we manage from our home
base in downtown Lansing," cites Corey. "And the majority of our business is referrals and word-of-
mouth. We've been a success due to our fantastic customers." 

About Craig Corey Vacations

Craig Corey Travel Service, Inc., dba Craig Corey Vacations, with offices in Lansing, Michigan, is one
of the nation's renowned retail travel agencies specializing in air, rail, luxury cruises, bespoke tours,
beach vacations, transatlantic crossings and a host of travel-related services, and is located at 215
South Washington Square, Atrium Office Center, Suite 165, Lansing, Michigan, 48933.