*Because of the the highly personalized nature of our 
business, we do not offer an "on-line" booking platform.

Please call, e-mail, or visit us instead! 
We accept 
in-office appointments Monday through Friday
between 11:00am and 3:00pm.

Call a Luxury Travel Advisor: (517) 336-8829
  or e-mail us:

          PAYMENT AUTHORITY & BOOKING FORM                          

(After downloading and completing this form,
please scan and e-mail it back to us in order
that we may process your payment.)

*PLEASE NOTE and understand, we must respectfully decline requests for the

-Extensions, or additions to trips that you have already planned elsewhere through a
 separate entity, or on-line.
-Bookings for most (but not all) low-service, budget-oriented air carriers with whom we
 have no ticketing agreement.
-High-School or College Spring-Break group trips and individuals thereof  who are not
 accompanied by their parents in the same room
-Destination Weddings, Destination Bachelor/Bachelorette trips.
-Travel Products that are not in the Craig Corey Vacations network, and/or on-line 
  entities that are unknown to us, and with whom we have no prior experience nor could
  recommend first-hand. 

-Grand Canyon hotel reservations
-Niagara Falls hotel reservations
-Road-trips that do not include airfare and/or hotels.
-Travel in Michigan (except city hotels, and The Grand Hotel Mackinac Island,)


Craig Corey Vacations Recommends the American Express Card.